Hello, I'm Mael Guillossou.

I'm a third year engineer student at Centrale Nantes

Mael Guillossou

I’m a third year engineer student at Centrale Nantes (France)

Currently taking a gap year in order to study maching learning and digital transition, I'm seeking for a 5 month internship in from March until August 2020

Ma Formation

2019 - 2020Centrale Digital Lab

Nantes, FR

A one year training program in software engineering, machine lear- ning and company digital transition

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2017 - 2021École Centrale de Nantes

Nantes, FR

Engineering School
Centrale Nantes, a highly selective french school of engineering, conferring a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree. Spécialization in computer science.

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2015 - 2017Lycée Chateaubriand

Rennes, FR

Classe Préparatoire Aux Grandes Écoles MPSI/MP
A two year intensive course in Mathematics, physics and computer science, preparing for the national competitive entry examinations to french schools of engineering.

2012 - 2015Lycée René Cassin

Montfort, FR

Baccalauréat Scientifique - Mathematiques
French equivalent to high school diploma/A levels - General studies with a specialization in science, obtained with highest honour.


Find here all my personnal projects


ReactNativeAndroidiOSJSGitlab CI

EPresence is a school project of mobile application. We had to create an app capable of managing attendance sheet, in order to avoid using paper, and automate attendance entry in shcool software.

In order to satify teacher with both iPhone or Android device, we've chosen to use React Native from Facebook.

The app uses a SQLite database, and export data to XML or PDF.

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SNES to USB Adapter


A simple adapter for SNES controller.

It uses an AVR ATTiny85 to emulate USB function thanks to the V-USB library.

SNES Controllers contain a simple parallel-in/serial-out shift register, which latch/clock/data signals are retreive by attiny85. Data is then send to computer through Generic USB joystick driver. Buttons are map according to Xbox controller.

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Wordclock is a project of clock where time is litteraly written.

I create a circuit based on ATMega328 (the same as you can find in most arduino), and TPIC6B595 shift register.

I use (and discover) multiplexing to drive the led matrix. Anode are directly drive by arduino (not the best method) and cathode by shift register.

The clock contains a ds1307 chip and a hc05 module for bluetooth communication.

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Conway's Game of Life


The Game of Life, also known simply as Life or Conway's Game, is a cellular automaton.

This project is an implementation of Conway's Game of life in python with tkinter.

The second version is an web implementation of the game, in Javascript, to made it accessible to a higher number of people.

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Labyrinthe Parfait


Générateur de labyrinthe parfait. Plusieurs version codées : récursive en python, puis itérative pour passer à la création d'un mini jeu en C++

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Bagad Men Ru


Site internet du Bagad Men Ru de Montfort. Site vitrine, et portail membre

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Site internet de l'office communautaire des sports de Montfort. L'association n’existe plus depuis 2016, ses activités sont reprises par la communauté de commune.

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